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In-Store Retail Sales Specialist

Verizon Worcester, MA
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April 13, 2024
Worcester, MA

In-Store Retail Sales Specialists are held accountable for recognizing customer needs and proposing suitable offerings that satisfy those needs:

At our company, collaboration is paramount in the world of sales as we prioritize a culture that encourages teamwork and creativity.

In-Store Retail Sales Specialists are accountable for fostering and preserving connections with both possible and current customers:

  • Harness the power of modern technology and customer-focused strategies to raise your retail income.
  • Elevate your customer relationships through effective questioning techniques that reveal their exclusive demands and preferences, enabling you to provide customized solutions and improved support.
  • Data Analytics: A Game-Changer for Business Planning and Execution.
  • Exert exceptional communication expertise to fulfill customers’ needs by delivering efficient and uncomplicated technical alternatives that streamline the sales funnel.
  • To stay ahead of the competition, make sure your merchandising strategy includes frequent market research and analysis of customer data. This will help you pinpoint trends and preferences, and tailor your approach to meet customer needs.
  • Assess the needs of neighboring Verizon outlets and provide assistance accordingly.

Candidates who possess the required skills are invited to apply for an open position that needs to be filled immediately. The salary plan includes base remuneration and team-based bonuses, along with opportunities for personal incentives. Salaries may differ by geographical location, and full-time employment benefits can be availed from the outset.

In an effort to provide its workforce with the support they need to achieve professional and personal life goals, Verizon has designed a comprehensive benefits program. From the start of employment, workers are given access to an array of benefits, including health and wellness programs, a 6% contribution match on 401(k) plans, stock awards, and paid time off. The company also provides discounted access to Verizon products and services, paid parental leave of up to four months, tuition assistance, and other incentives that help facilitate personal and professional growth.

The Career Trajectory of a In-Store Retail Sales Specialist:

  • By earning a high school diploma or GED, individuals acquire valuable skills that are essential in succeeding in further academic pursuits. Such vital skills include meticulousness, the ability to convey oneself clearly, and a aptitude for analytical thought.
  • The candidate must show that they possess the necessary abilities to excel in their profession.
  • It is important for candidates to have a flexible schedule as work on weekends, evenings, and holidays may be necessary.
  • During high vacation periods, especially the summer months and from November to December, the employer envisages that the employee would be agreeable to working additional hours.
  • Associates degree.
  • The success of individuals in retail and customer service depends on their flexible approach and quick problem-solving capabilities in addressing consumers' needs.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with clients and address their issues efficiently.

Applicants are welcome to apply for the job at Verizon, even if they don't meet all the requirement standards.

The recruitment team will reach out to you to schedule an interview if your application for the In-Store Retail Sales Specialist role meets their requirements:

Meeting the criteria and completing a 20-minute check are essential. Once done, a talent acquisition manager from our team will reach out to you with more information regarding the position and clear any doubts you may have.

External job seekers who qualify for the position can receive a sign-on bonus of $2500. The monetary reward is given in two installments, with the initial payment disbursed a month after employment begins and the second payment made nine months later.

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