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Department of the Navy Bremerton, WA
test test structural calibration test equipment quality assurance assurance analysis mechanical piping assemblies structural integrity safety
April 24, 2024
Department of the Navy
Bremerton, WA


You will serve as a Nondestructive Test Inspector in the Nondestructive Test Division (Code 135.2), Quality Assurance Office of PSNS and IMF.


  • You will conduct nondestructive inspections and analysis on non-routine mechanical components, piping systems and structural assemblies to determine structural integrity.

  • You will perform calibration and safety checks of test equipment prior to and after performance of nondestructive inspections.

  • You will determine final acceptance or rejection of items in accordance with specific codes and specifications.

  • You will record test results and data using enhanced signal processing and acquisition software on computer-based platforms.

  • You will independently judge the impact that modified test equipment or procedures may have on ensuring proper calibration.

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