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Msys Inc Richland, WA
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July 6, 2023
Msys Inc
Richland, WA

**** Federal/DoD Contract - Must be a US Citizen - No dual citizens; must be willing to go through a background check *** 100% Onsite - No remote due to security***Initial PO till 9/30/2021 with multi year extensions; usually the project goes for 4+ years with this customer** Onsite 

*** Customer works on 4/10 schedule. The standard work week consist of ten (10) hours of work between 6:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. with one half hour designated as an unpaid period for lunch, Monday through Thursday ***

Full time with benefits (please check our benefits here  )    or long term hourly contract (w2/1099/c2c)

Support annual field investigation of WIDS inspections and institutional control areas

to assess requirements.

  •  Support Land Stewardship field Trimble GPS Pathfinder needs for projects.

  •  Provide support identifying arid land flora and fauna to facilitate field investigations.

  •  Create maps using ESRI ARCGIS software (e.g., ArcMap) to be able conduct tasks such as spatial analysis, imagery georectification, and create features (e.g., points, lines, and polygons) for use by Land Stewardship projects.

  •  Support Orphan Tracking Information System (OTIS) assignments. Such as, historical research as well as GIS spatial analysis and field verification.

  •  Use Trimble GPS Pathfinder to collect field GIS data, navigate to features, and utilize offsets during field collection for inspections, projects, and assessments.

  • Use Pix4dmapper software to create georeferenced mosaic aerial imagery as needed.

  • Processing of aerial imagery for use with GIS software including assisting with identifying, researching, and dispositioning unknown features observed in the field.

  • Create and organize GPS data (e.g., features, geodatabases, and metadata).

  •  Use Long Term Stewardship Information System (SIS) database for field investigations, as well as update information as needed.

  •  Provide weekly summary reports that detail daily tasks performed. 

Required Skills

  • Must have at least 5+ years’ experience providing GPS support for field inspections and assessments.

  •  Must have at least 5+ years’ experience in arid land flora and fauna identification to facilitate field investigations.

  •  Must have a Bachelor’s Degree.

  •  Must have 5+ years’ experience using ESRI ArcGIS software (e.g., ArcMap) to be able conduct tasks such as spatial analysis, imagery. georectification, and create features (e.g., points, lines and polygons) for maps



Desired Skills

  • Active/inactive clearance.

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